MALIBU, Calif. — There are many beaches along Southern California’s coast. Some are known for volleyball, others are known for surfing. But one, perhaps the most iconic, is also known for its appearances in movies and television. Spectrum News visited Malibu Surfrider Beach to see the beach that one local said defined the classic image of longboarding in Southern California.

“Whether you’re from Huntington Beach or Ventura, everyone surfs Malibu at least once,” said Jefferson Wagner, a surfer who has been catching waves at the same spot since he was 10-years-old. 

A number of movies were filmed at Malibu Surfrider, such as “Beach Blanket Bingo” and “Big Wednesday” — the latter featuring a replication of a wall iconic to the beach. 

When Wagner was city mayor, he worked to preserve the classic wall that has crumbled over the years from storms and erosion. But Wagner said more will need to be done so future generations of surfers — and those who want a real-life visit to a place they may have only seen on a show or movie — can enjoy the beach.

“It’s all about this break, and the pier and the Adamson House that make this place so memorable,” Wagner said. “And when I die, I hope my ashes are thrown out at the end of the pier here.”

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