LOS ANGELES  – Of all the corners of the entertainment industry that are shut down and struggling right now, thankfully for David Park, the animation industry isn’t one of them. 

“We’ve been writing at home, zooming at home, … and we’ll be recording independently," he said.


Park is a member of Doctor God, a comedy group developing content for film and TV.  They created the show, Hell Den, on the SyFy Channel.

Many animated series are still in production, but just like in Parks' case, they are working from home. Unlike other jobs in entertainment, this was an easy pivot. 

“It’s helpful to be in the same room when you record, but with technology you can virtually be there,” he said. 

Voiceover jobs are some of the only jobs available in entertainment right now.

“I’m very fortunate even though it’s incredible isolating I’m lucky to have a paycheck coming,” he said. 

While he waits to see what's ahead, tracking his scripts from his bathroom floor is fine by him.