HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Actors Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt showed Spectrum News around the set of their Mad About You reboot ahead of Wednesday's premiere—20 years since their last episode.

Reprising their roles from the original sitcom's seven seasons, Reiser and Hunt play New York City married couple Paul and Jamie Buchman. They will return as empty nesters, sending their daughter Mabel off to college.

"What was weird was that when we were rehearsing, I would say by Day 2, it didn't feel weird," Hunt said. "It should've felt weird. It's been two decades."

From a restaurant to their apartment, including their artistic daughter's room, Reiser and Hunt took a Spectrum News crew through the set in Hollywood, Calif.


"This is years later, and we wanted to redo the apartment just enough so you didn't feel as badly for these people—that they didn't live in the same shabbiness 20 years later," Reiser said, showing the apartment's kitchen.

Reiser and Hunt said there was no reason to revisit the show until they figured out that Mabel would be grown up around this time and leaving home, allowing their characters to explore what it's like to be married and go, "Who are you again?"

The sitcom originally aired from 1992 to 1999 on NBC. The first six episodes of the new season will premiere Wednesday on Spectrum's On Demand platform, and the last six episodes will be released on December 18. 

"I was hoping, but I wasn't sure it would be as funny as it was. The fun that we're having really makes up for the long journey to get here because we started talking about this three years ago," Reiser said.

The first time around the show had 164 episodes and won four Golden Globes as well as 12 Emmys. 

The original episodes are also available on-demand for Spectrum subscribers.