LOS ANGELES – We’ve always seen him through the lens of peace and love. But ask Ringo Starr to describe what life looks like through his eyes, he has another word. 

“Beautiful," said Starr. "The people in my life, the life I’m leading. I get to do what I love, play drums, and while I’m doing that, I take photos.”  

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The legendary Beatles drummer takes photos, and creates books like his third one, Another Day in the Life, not just to document, but to change the world.

One hundred percent of proceeds from his work goes straight to his non-profit, The Lotus Foundation, which funds and promotes projects to advance social welfare.

“We go from Doctors Across Borders to battered women to kids with cancer, but we have the one I always support is Water Aid. If you have nothing else you should have water. Makes me emotional to think about those poor kids,” said Starr, holding back tears.

We talked to the drummer at the Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, an exhibit full of pictures, some he took, some of his former band. Ringo’s love of art started with acrylics and oils, then computer art, and now taking pictures.

Each one in his book captioned with his thoughts and anecdotes, giving us a glimpse into yesteryear, a glimpse into his life as drummer of the world’s most legendary rock band.

He says he loves taking pictures of random things and seeing how they all fit together. From L.A. to Tokyo and beyond, he showcases his love of music, nature, and travel. 

“We need more joy and understanding and need to recognize the planet is falling apart because of us. I can look at my grandkids and think, 'What are they going to drink?'” he said. 

It’s questions like this that made him want to change the world. It’s photos like this help him do it.