LOS ANGELES – Daniel Ozorio has been volunteering with the Pico Union Project for about two weeks. Twice a week the group gives food to about a thousand people in the area. 

Now, in addition to the food, people will also be receiving a flyer warning about COVID-19.

What You Need To Know

  • LA Councilman Gil Cedillo is putting COVID-19 warning signs throughout his district

  • Cedillo partnered with the Pico-Union Project to distribute COVID-19 fliers along with food

  • The Pico-Union Project hands out food to the community twice a week

“I’m not doing something that great or that big on a scale worldwide, but as for right now in the community, I’m trying my best to help and educate everybody so they can stay safe and keep a great environment,” Ozorio said. 

Pico Union is doing this in partnership with LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo. Signs and warnings are being posted all over the area because of a coronavirus spike. In the councilman’s district alone there have been 7,000 infections and 300 deaths because of COVID-19.

“I don’t think people appreciate the sense of urgency and the danger,” Cedillo said. “So, there are many people who try to accommodate it or who try to find a way around it, until it impacts you, until it affects you.”

It’s why the information Ozorio and the rest of the volunteers are handing out along with the food is so important, and why they are working so hard. 

“Wake up early, get here. Make sure to prepare all the boxes, be able to have them ready, set them up, be prepared, and then just, right when they’re there, be able to give them whenever they are ready to receive,” he said.

Now they’re also providing the knowledge to help fight COVID-19.

“Just being able to have free testing and also just staying home and wearing a mask,” Ozorio continued.

It’s things most of us have heard repeatedly since we first became aware of this pandemic, but maybe sharing it this way will make the difference, all while feeding those in need.