ONTARIO, Calif. – DJ Severe has entertained fans at Dodger Stadium for over 10 years. He was getting ready for a new season, when Covid-19 put the season in jeopardy just weeks for before the originally scheduled opening day. 

What You Need To Know

  • DJ Severe has served as the Dodger Stadium official DJ for over 10 years

  • He finally heads to back to work, as the team starts its shortened season.

  • He was supposed to work his first All Star Game this year but it was canceled 

  • DJ Severe has spent time doing special performances for social justice 

“I had just left spring training. So, I’m taking my pictures, met everybody. I was in full mode,” the DJ said. “I was a little bit down at first. I can admit.” 

This was supposed to be a banner year for him and everyone in the Dodgers organization – preparing for the MLB All-Star Game in Los Angeles, which will now not happen in 2020. 

Severe will now be spinning into a new experiment, with team organist Dieter Ruehle, both now performing in a stadium without any fans. 

“Normally, I try to pick the fans up if we’re down or feed off the energy being created from the players on a play that has been made,” he explained. “So, now I’m focused on the individual players.”

That includes each Dodger’s at bat walk up song, the pregame music, and songs in between the game action.

“Obviously, I’m not gonna be able to talk to them, usually, I have one on one when I go talk to them anytime I want, so (now) I don’t have the one on ones,” said Severe. “I’m prepared for what I used to do and I’m just trying to go in and see what Deiter and I can create.”

Nothing could have prepared him for an opening day like this. But DJ Severe will head to Dodger Stadium ready for the uncertainty even with the familiarity of coming back to his baseball home.