KOREATOWN, Calif.  – Every day, Kevin Arbouet gets into his Nissan Altima and spends his entire commute thinking about his three kids, particularly his eight-year-old daughter Alyssa.

"She came up to me and she goes, daddy why do people hate us," said Arbouet.

It was his daughter’s question that lit a fire and made him realize 2020 matters, and so do the candidates.

“It’s something I think about all day every day,” Arbouet said.

A self-described political junkie, Arbouet makes a living making movies. Currently, he is shooting a documentary about Brooklyn artist Steven Cogle. 

Arbouet considers himself an undecided, although he is leaning towards presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang. He says the upcoming debates will be crucial to making his decision.

His number one issue is healthcare. After that, climate change and the economy.

“If the environment is not part of their plan I’m going to be turned off," Arbouet said.

However, more than just the issues, Arbouet is looking for leadership.

“I really want to see specific plans," said Arbouet.

With 24 plans, Arbouet has a lot of reading to do.