If you get lost on your way to the Hollywood Sign, chances are you’ll run into the Hollywood Sculpture Garden. You can’t miss it. 

Angel Herrera, a.k.a. Iron Angel, is one of many artists featured at the Hollywood Sculpture Garden, and he’s working on his latest sculpture. Inspired by his kid’s love for Transformers, he thought it would be fun to make, and he had the parts. 

“I just start building and put the frame together,” said Herrera. “It was a bicycle frame and then it became a motorcycle frame.”

Dr. Robby Gordon is the founder of the Hollywood Sculpture Garden and he’s been working on it every day for the last seven years. It’s a passion project he welcomes the public to come see for themselves.

“Once I started putting the Hollywood Sculpture Garden together, other artists found me and I found them,” said Gordon. “There are sculptures here in the Hollywood Sculpture Garden from all over the world, from France, from Argentina, and for sure all local artists from here too.”

A retired veterinarian, he’s been collecting art and making art his whole life. He works with glass, ceramics, metal and natural elements like stones and geodes. With three studios, including a metal working shop in his house, everything he creates or makes with others he displays on his property. 

“Most neighbors like it,” said Gordon. “There is a neighbor down here that used to bring me a present each time there was a new sculpture and then he stopped because there were too many.”

Robots, horses and jellyfish. Nothing is too out of the ordinary at the Hollywood Sculpture Garden and Dr. Gordon is constantly adding more. 

“Every stone, every piece of art is exactly where I want it and sometimes I will change it ten times until I find the right place,” explains Dr. Gordon. 

With over 60 sculptures outside and hundreds inside, Gordon isn’t anywhere near done.

“I love people to come and to see,” said Gordon. “I can express myself. Part of the joy of creating is to see how other people like to see what I create and I create everything.”