As California’s fortieth governor, Gavin Newsom has faced unprecedented circumstances: disastrous wildfires, social unrest, an economic shutdown, and, above all, a devastating pandemic.

Despite the challenges, Governor Newsom said he is committed to bettering the state.

“This is a challenging year,” he said. “I hope it's the most challenging in our lifetime because God forbid we have to suffer another year like this, but in the ashes, also are the embers of extraordinary opportunity.”

On this episode of LA Stories with Giselle Fernandez, Governor Gavin Newsom opens up in a rare and candid conversation with Fernandez about what inspires his work, and motivates him to keep pushing forward.

“I took the time and I said, ‘What's my why?’ As a parent, as an individual, as a business person, as an elected official,” he said. “And it was to stand up against injustice - to try to right wrongs. And so that's what drives me.” 


Governor Newsom discusses his top priorities when dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

He has vowed to put Californian’s health and safety first. He shares his message for those who have criticized his actions so far.

“It just breaks my heart, those critics, cause they're not wrong,” he said.

He is more determined now than ever to prove that the California dream is still alive, saying: “This state has no rival in terms of its human capital, its physical beauty, its capacity to lead and work through difficult and challenging times. We are not just victims of fate. We can shape the future.”

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