The Coronavirus outbreak can be especially worrisome for those who are living with HIV or AIDS. Internal Medicine and Pediatrics physician at UCLA and +Life Medical Correspondent, Dr. Anu Seshadri, tells Inside the Issues she knows those living with HIV and AIDS are worried about their CD4 cells, but she doesn’t want them to be scared but it is important that people that they take their medications as instructed, so the immune system stays boosted to normal levels.


“This is where we really need to take responsibility for our own bodies, make sure we’re taking our medications at the same time as instructed everyday so that our immune system is boosted up to normal levels,” she explained. “Those that are not taking their medications, and have low CD4 counts and a higher viral load, their immune system is not as well equipped to handle another viral infection like COVID-19. But those that are taking their medications regularly and have a great CD4 count on a low viral load, they do not need to be worried about this.”

She stressed that if people with a low CD4 count and high viral load are experiencing symptoms, they should call their physician immediately. 

Watch more in the clip above. 

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