PASADENA, Calif. — Serving on the 2020 Tournament of Roses Royal Court is a lot more than glitz and glamour, just as Rose Queen, Camille Kennedy knows. 

"I think that being a member of the Royal Court, let alone the Rose Queen, is less about the glitz and glamor and what we get to be," she said. "I think truthfully, how we look is the least interesting thing about us."


Although the court is known for wearing beautiful gowns and tiaras aboard their rose float, the girls also serve as ambassadors for the City of Pasadena. 

In the weeks leading up to the big parade, Kennedy and her fellow princesses engage in about 100 events — including press days and community service events.  

“Stuff like this, all this hard labor that we’re doing is really gratifying," Kennedy said at a recent Habitat for Humanity build, "because we know that in the future it’s going to be put towards other people’s betterment.”

For many of the girls, taking part in the community service is one of their favorite aspects of being on the court. 

“I think this position, although we have the title princess, what we’re representing is that, yes, we’re ladylike and we’re women, but we’re also strong women," explained princess, Cole Fox. "We’re also out here doing a lot of community work for the place that we love.”

Their goal is to show other young girls in their community that they can make a difference too. 

As Fox put it, the court is the perfect example of ladies who are also leaders.