BURBANK, Calif. — On a recent Saturday afternoon, Kimberly Hashai, her husband and her family went to see a movie. But it wasn't just any film. She went to see a screening of her unborn baby at Prenatal Cinemas in Burbank.

"It's surreal to see your baby live in 3D," Hashai said.

What You Need To Know

  • Prenatal Cinemas lets expecting mothers and an audience see their child in a 4D theater

  • The theater is located in Burbank

  • It costs between $100-$200 a session

  • The baby's image is shown in a theater that seats up to 10 people

She is five months pregnant with her second child. Just like any mother, she gets all the ultrasound treatment. The difference is at Prenatal Cinemas, the baby's image is shown in a theater that seats up to 10. 

"I'm like what is she (the baby) doing in there," Hashai said. "Is she eating? Is she sleeping? She's just moving around?"

Just like any movie, not everything is perfect. Although last month they were able to capture a perfect image of the little one. Today, Hashai's daughter won't turn to the right side of the belly.

Victoria Gonzalez is an ultrasound technician at Prenatal Cinemas. A year ago, she chose to work here as opposed to a clinic or doctor's office. 

"Much more fun, much more relaxed," Gonzalez said. "Everybody has a good time. You can take it a little more easy here. Really communicate and hang out with the guests."

For families like Hashai's, it makes the anticipation of the delivery day all the more joyful.

"I can't wait to the day we get to hold her. I'm so excited. I love coming here," she said.

Hashai said she'll be back again before her due date to get another sneak peek.