WILMINGTON, Calif. – Some Los Angeles Police Department officers are hand delivering groceries.

LAPD Senior Lead Officer Nick Ferara is buying stuff for people who can’t leave their homes.

“A lot of people here in Wilmington feel that they are neglected. They feel like all the money goes to the richer cities and I think they deserve someone who cares a little bit,” said Ferara.


Ferara has been a police officer for 14 years. He started serving his hometown about nine years ago. His current position lets him take breaks from patrol work to see how the community needs help.

When he asked what people needed on Facebook he got many requests. He has spent hundreds of his own dollars to buy basic items as well as special requests such as meat and dairy.

Most of the people he delivers to are elderly. Some of them are taking care of young kids. Ferara’s own family inspired his mission.

“Every time I see someone who’s over 60 I think of my parents and I wonder if I had an officer help my parents what would I want that officer to do,” said Ferara.

Maybe they are not responding to a 911 call, but for some this is an emergency.

Know of a community that is in need of help at this time? Let us know using #OneSoCal.