MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — Manhattan Beach-based artist Kathleen Keifer came to California from Chicago and was immediately seduced by its charms.

For years, Keifer has been capturing Southern California's landmarks and rich colors in her paintings.

What You Need To Know

  • Monopoly was developed from "The Landlord's Game," created by anti-monopolist Lizzie Magie in 1903 as a way to demonstrate concepts of wealth creation and economics

  • The limited-edition California Dreamin' Monopoly sells for $199, and a second edition is already in the works

  • Manhattan Beach-based artist Kathleen Keifer has been capturing the California landscape since moving here from Chicago

  • The new edition features California themed game pieces like a woody surf car and jet plane and properties like Sunset Blvd. and the Beverly Hills Hotel

"You know, I'm an old school painter. I do not have that many digital skills. I'm pretty much painting this with a paintbrush," Keifer said.

Keifer is sharing her love for California by creating a California Dreamin' edition, one of Monopoly's most beloved board games.

Keifer said the key to designing this edition was to strike the right balance between old and new while working in the California theme into all of the game elements.

"My first impulse was to get rid of the railroads and put in jets," Keifer explained.

Iconic California landmarks like Sunset Blvd., Pacific Coast Highway, and the Beverly Hills Hotel replace the game's traditional Park Place and Boardwalk.

The only things remaining the same? The water and power utilities.

Keifer said there was no shortage of iconic California places to choose from.

"One of the things I love about California is [that] in two hours you and I could be up in the mountains," Keifer said. "Everything is so diverse here."

The game pieces now include a woody surf car and a yacht while retaining the shoe and top hat of Monopoly's mascot Uncle Pennybags.  

"I moved all the [property] colors and the words down at the bottom so that way I could break the plane and put in the clouds, and the palm trees, and the pine trees for the mountain scenes. Then, I did old Hollywood, like the classic mansions on Sunset Boulevard where fortunes are lost and made — it's really scary on that end of the board!" Keifer explained. 

Perhaps one of the most striking changes is there is no jail in this board.

"Instead of going to jail, [Uncle Pennybags] is just invited to a pool party. Here he is, in the pool." Keifer said.

The California Dreamin' Monopoly is a limited edition run, so it is a tad pricier than the regular version, but enthusiastic fans and collectors have been snatching them up.

For many, like Keifer, the game will always be special.

"I have that wonderful associative feeling with this game," Keifer said. "It means it is summertime. It means we're on a family vacation, and we're having a great time."

Although the first run of California Dreamin' Monopoly is selling fast, Keifer is already working on the second edition, which will feature even more new California artwork.