Renowned artist Laurie Anderson, a versatile talent in music, composition, poetry, film, vocals and literature, is set to embrace yet another creative role this Halloween.

Anderson was selected to serve as the Grand Marshal of the 50th annual Village Halloween Parade.

"I am going to use this violin in the parade, and we're going to play a little bit of things with some really large drone sounds. These are guitars with them set up against their speakers, so that there's a lot of feedback. So it'll be this massive sort of beautiful overtones and harmonics,” Anderson said of her planned entrance.

Anderson will also pay tribute to her late husband, The Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed, as he is posthumously bestowed with the same honorary title of Grand Marshal.

The tribute will be especially fitting, given that Reed’s song, “Halloween Parade,” has become the parade’s anthem.

"It's a memorial, in a way, for all his friends that he was missing who weren't going to be at the parade. They were dead, basically. And he wrote that in a kind of AIDS era, so it was a kind of memorial for them, really,” Anderson said.

Reed died on Oct. 27, 2013, following a lengthy battle with liver disease. He was 71.