WAUWATOSA, Wis.— Going out to a bar or restaurant on Valentine's Day is a tradition for many couples across Wisconsin. However, in 2021, many couples are instead opting to stay at home. Now businesses around the state are getting creative to help drum up business over the holiday. 

One trend has been creating “in-home” activity boxes as well as virtual events. 

Milwaukee Food Tours is doing both. 

In addition to creating several Valentine's themed gift boxes, they are also offering a virtual Milwaukee Love Stories tour online. 

“We love when people go on the virtual tours and are able to share stories, tell stories, and ask questions. It has been nice for us to see that and seeing they invite family members from all over the country," says owner Theresa Nemetz.

Across town at the Village Cheese Shop, owner Sabina Magyar has also been busy prepping “to go” cheese boxes. 

The store is also offering fondue making kits which include an instructional video on YouTube. 

For the shop, this year has created a unique niche to grow holiday-related business. Maygar says many people are opting for kits and ready-made items because they don’t want to cook complex dishes on special occasions. 

“I think they are looking to open it up, relax and enjoy," says Maygar.

Both Milwaukee Food Tours and Village Cheese Shop say they are seeing many last-minute orders come in. ​