Researchers at SUNY Cobleskill have developed a new gasifier technology that will be used to help mitigate wildfires in California.

The gasifier eats up dead trees, and combustible material on the ground and turns it into biofuel. What makes this gasifier unique is it’s the first of its kind that’s transportable, so it can be deployed in natural disasters anywhere that it’s needed.

What You Need To Know

  • SUNY Cobleskill has developed a new gasifier technology

  • What makes this one special is it can be transported

  • It will be deployed to California in 2022 to help clean up wildfire debris

There’s plans for the gasifier technology to be used in California next summer to help clean up debris from wildfires.

“We really see the big opportunity here for job creation especially in the ag-tech space so we’re so excited to be here providing these opportunities,” says Sophiana Leto with Caribou Biofuels.

The technology is carbon-negative and will also be used to power a new, massive green house on campus. Empire State Greenhouses will have nearly seven football fields’ worth of growing space.