The July 4 holiday is a busy time of year for Rebekah Garcia and her team at Mohawk Ambulance Service. She says extra staff will be on to handle the expected increase in fireworks-related injuries. 

"A lot of those situations, with burns especially, they can lead to infections and stuff like that," said Garcia, a paramedics supervisor.

If you do encounter an injury, Garcia says it's important to control the bleeding with pressure until first responders arrive. She says if that doesn't work, then use a tourniquet.

"If it's a burn, just try and keep it clean," Garcia said. "Do the best you can, honestly."

According to Garcia, they usually treat burns to the hands. But depending on where the trauma may be, she says it could be life-threatening.

"Evaluate the patient and if they are very critical then we get them going pretty quickly," Garcia said. "We also have other methods. We can call for a helicopter."

Garcia says injuries occur when people are not using the fireworks responsibly. She says to make sure you're doing things appropriately. 

"Safety, safety. Hydration. Stay cool. Have fun," Garcia said. "But just use your head."