A trio of legislators from the Albany area introduced legislation Thursday to form an Albany County public redevelopment authority tasked with repurposing dozens of properties in the Pine Hills neighborhood that will be left vacant by the closure of the College of St. Rose.

The legislation would create the Albany County Pine Hills Land Authority (ACPHLA) consisting of seven Albany County residents that would have the power to issue bonds, levy and collect fees for planning, developing, acquiring, owning and/or operating the 87 former College of Saint Rose properties, according to a statement released by state Assembly Member Patricia Fahy, who along with Sen. Neil Breslin and Assembly Member John McDonald introduced the legislation. 

Backers say the authority would held provide a blueprint for the redevelopment of an area that faces imminent change now that century-old College of Saint Rose held its last graduation ceremony last weekend.

“The closure of Saint Rose leaves a hole in our hearts and in Albany’s beloved Pine Hills neighborhood, which leaves residents, businesses, and community members rightly anxious about its former properties’ future,” Fahy said. 

The ACPHLA would consist of four members appointed by Albany County executive, two appointed by the Albany County Legislature chair and one by the city mayor. They would serve four-year terms.

“The creation of the Albany County Pine Hills Land Authority (ACPHLA) to acquire and properly manage the former St. Rose Campus is vital to ensure that this property does not fall into disrepair,” County Executive Dan McCoy said.