As ski resorts prep for another active season, Maple Ski Ridge is making a major investment in new technology.

On the surface, ski resorts are mostly free from snow so far, but underground at Maple Ski Ridge, a new piping system is hoping to produce a Winter Wonderland.

"We're looking to increase efficiency and decrease labor with getting the area open as fast as we can, even in marginal weather conditions," said Aaron Madison, northeast territory manager of TechnoAlpin.

With milder and less frequent snowfalls, the new system, designed by TechnoAlpin, answers requests from skiers who want to begin the season sooner. It cuts snow-making time by more than half.

The new state-of-the-art snow system replaces one built in 1972.

"The previous system was running at about 200 PSI. The new system will run over 400 PSI, which will probably equate to about 30% better conversion from water to snow," said Madison. "So that's less time having to make snow, and that's better snow quality and quantity on the ground versus the energy that was put in to do that."

The owners saved up the money for the project, which by completion in three years is estimated to be about $2.8 million. They also received a $100,000 grant from Schenectady IDA.

It's an exciting season of firsts for the ski spot, celebrating its 60th anniversary.

"With the help of the IDA financially and with TechnoAlpine's technology and with our willpower, we're going to hopefully produce a product that we will be able to teach many more children and many more adults how to ski," said Marilyn Peterson, owner of the Maple Ski Ridge.