When it comes to adopting a pet, many prospective pet owners choose younger animals, often overlooking older and less healthy ones.

But a Clifton Park couple is working to make sure older pets receive the T-L-C they love and need.

They started the Mr. Mo Project to honor of the life of their pit bull, Moses, who died from an spinal chord tumor in 2012.

“So there’s 19 dogs at our house,” said Chris Hughes, describing a typical scene at the family household.

“And then we have another 136 in foster care right now,” he also said.

To date, they’ve rescued more than 600 dogs, helping connect them with permanent foster homes by allowing people who may not have the financial means or the ability to care for dogs that have had a tougher time being adopted.

“You know, licking you for the first time, jumping up when he hears your voice and you just see that change," Hughes said. "It kind of just makes you continue to do as much as you can for as many dogs as you can.”

Every penny donated to the organization pays for the medical bills and supplies for all of the dogs that need added care in foster homes. They are currently spending around $60,000 a month on them.

“It's really hard to manage the diabetes for a dog that needs to gain weight like this,” Hughes said.

Even though, sometimes, taking care of these furry friends can take an emotional toll as they become a part of the family, Chris and Mariesa say making a difference in these dogs' lives is worth the love they give you in return.