Spirit is a retired racehorse who is now a therapy horse. He needs a surgery that costs between $5,000-10,000.

“He has a tooth that needs to be removed and is causing issues that are just repeatedly giving him infections, and he doesn’t feel good," says Dr. Erin Christopher-Sisk, the president and co-founder of Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga.

That’s why Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga is participating in Leap of Kindness Day. Started in 2016 by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, it occurs on Feb. 29, the extra day in the 2024 leap year.

“Our challenge to folks is: What will you do with your extra day? And our hope is that they will use that extra day to help someone else," says Chamber of Commerce President Todd Shimkus.

Nonprofits can submit requests for Leap of Kindness Day and community members can pick where they want to donate or volunteer.

Therapeutic Horses is having an event with music, food and prizes, and ticket sales will go toward the surgery for Spirit.

The Moreau Community Center is asking for supplies for its food pantry.

“Leap of Kindness, because it only happens every 4 years, is an opportunity to perhaps reach out to a demographic that we don't talk to everyday," says Donna Nichols, the community center’s executive director.

Different counties across the country have reached out to the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce about doing their own Leap of Kindness Day this year.

“There’s plenty of opportunities in any community to volunteer. It can be doing anything. As long as you are making an impact on someone else’s life, go out there and do it," Nichols said.