A high school senior is educating children and the public about recycling.

Irvine, California native Jiin Yun started the nonprofit, The Recycling Dictionary. The group raises awareness about recycling. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Recycling Dictionary is a nonprofit that raises awareness about recycling

  • The group has a children’s book and a mobile app

  • There are student chapters in California and Georgia

There are several chapters of The Recycling Dictionary across the nation, from California to Georgia.

Plus, the group has a children’s book and mobile app to teach people about recycling.

I talked to Yun about the nonprofit and how they’re hoping to change the planet one letter at a time.

See the video above as she describes one of her recycling workshops.

Audrey Zhang, Lynn (Lyn) Huang and Jiin Yun at the EpiSTEMic summer camp. (The Recycling Dictionary/Jiin Yun)

Yun and her group of high school teens put on recycling workshops at local schools and libraries to encourage kids to recycle.

“I realized we had a problem as a society as a whole, so I wanted to address that with our youth generation, especially with our workshops,” said Yun.

The accomplished cellist hopes to expand The Recycling Dictionary throughout the nation.

(The Recycling Dictionary/Jiin Yun)

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