Right out of the gate, let's get this done: it's going to snow Tuesday. It will be a heavy, wet snow at times. And by Tuesday night, we'll likely have a couple of "bands" of heavy snow draped across the state.

Try not to get lost in all the noise of Weather Advisories and various alerts being pushed out. The bottom line is: it's going to snow. And at times, it will be heavy snow that causes some problems Tuesday night. Plan and be prepared!
In terms of how much... that's the million dollar question! 
It looks like most of the state will walk away with about three inches of snow. That said, I do expect a band of snow to fall that may be between four to six inches. A few isolated areas have a small shot at seeing nearly eight inches.

Previously it looked like some warmer air would get mixed into the SE part of the state, giving Racine/Kenosha/Milwaukee areas a shot at a mix of rain/snow/sleet. That does NOT appear to be the case now! And because of that, I think far SE Wisconsin may see a solid few inches of snowfall.

The snow should wrap up by Wednesday morning. Then the really cold air will sweep back into the state by Friday. January is really showing off right now!



Tonight: Cloudy and cold with temps slowly rising overnight. | Low: 16 | Wind: SE 10-15mph

Tuesday: Cloudy and windy with snow likely, heavy at times by evening. High: 31 | Wind: S 15-25mph

Wednesday: Morning snow slowly tapers off. Mostly cloudy and staying cold. | Low: 23  High: 27 | Wind: NW 8-18mph

Thursday: Cloudy and cold. | Low: 12  High: 21  | Wind: W 5-15mph

Friday: Mostly cloudy and turning sharply colder. | Low: -5  High: 4

Saturday: Partly cloudy and frigid. | Low: -3  High: 12

Sunday: Partly cloudy and still frigid. | Low: 2  High: 15

Monday: Cloudy with a chance of snow showers at times. Not as cold. | Low: 14  High: 24


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