If you like rollercoasters, the 2021 Packers are your team. Unlike the joyful ending in Arizona, Sunday's 34-31 defeat at Minnesota had a more disappointing conclusion.

An apparent Darnell Savage interception was taken away, correctly, during a booth review while we were watching commercials. Just like that, it went from the euphoria of the Packers having the ball to the Vikings keeping it. Minnesota drove down and kicked the game-winning field goal.

That was just the last turn of events in a ping pong of action in the second half. The Vikings have had a season-long habit of coughing up leads. That continued as the Packers rallied from a 23-10 deficit to a

24-23 lead. Then the Vikings grabbed the lead back with a touchdown and two-point conversion to make it 31-24. The Packers tied it at 31 on a 75-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Then the late-game sequence I described earlier.

The Packers (now 8-3) had a chance to make the NFC North Division a runaway. Now, it's a two-and-a-half game lead. The Packers have six games left, four of them at Lambeau Field, where they are undefeated this season. The 5-5 Vikings have seven games remaining.

I still think the Packers will win the division. Unfortunately, the Cardinals moved back into the top spot for NFC home-field advantage. The head-to-head tiebreaker the Packers earned with a win at Arizona only matters if the teams finish with the same record.

There is no great team in the NFL in 2021.

The lowly Texans winning at Tennessee is the latest glaring example of that.

The Packers lost a close game at Minnesota? What does it mean in the big picture? It's too early to tell.