I didn't think I'd be writing this. Certainly not after the Division Series. The Brewers' season is over.

Freddie Freeman became the first left-handed hitter to hit a home run off Josh Hader all season. His solo blast in the eighth inning lifted the Braves to a 5-4 victory in Atlanta Tuesday night.

The Braves won the series three games to one and prevented a return to Milwaukee for a fifth and deciding game on Thursday.

After scuffling for offense in the first three games, the Brewers scored four runs. It wasn't enough.

A quick autopsy would be that Hader wouldn't have even been in for the 8th inning if Devin Williams hadn't broken his hand punching a wall.

I'm not here to point fingers or assign blame.

All I know is that the Brewers' season is over sooner than many of us expected.