The third day of the NFL Draft produced a feel-good local story for the Green Bay Packers when they selected former Bay Port High School and University of Wisconsin offensive lineman Cole Van Lanen in the sixth round. 

He called it "awesome" and said he was "beyond excited."

Yet, Matt LaFleur's first public comments on the organization's tussle with Aaron Rodgers seemed the most important.

LaFleur was clear and definitive where he stood.

"This guy's our quarterback," he said. "I want nothing more to see him back."

LaFleur said he thinks that Rodgers is the "best to ever do it." While saying he tries to focus only on what he can control, LaFleur was unequivocal. "We all want him back.

When you have good people, you can work through things. That's why I'm hopeful."

LaFleur says he not only loves Rodgers the player, but also the person. He says he won't even allow his mind to think about Rodgers not returning.

In my opinion, LaFleur could be key in this drama. Unlike Mike McCarthy, who said the "train was leaving" and seemed ready to move on from Brett Favre in 2008, LaFleur wants Rodgers back. Desperately. Whether that will make any difference remains to be seen.