MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) – After tackling the suburbs, recount workers in Dane County have their sights set on beginning to process the ballots from the City of Madison.

The fifth day of the recount in Dane County still started out slightly behind schedule.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, County Clerk Scott McDonell said the recount was 36-percent finished, but so far the focus has been on the communities around Madison. McDonell had hoped to begin work on the capital city sometime Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Biden camp is blaming President Trump's legal team for slowing things down and worries how potential future legal challenges could impact the electoral process.

“Biden won convincingly in Wisconsin, but they are really trying to lay the groundwork for undermining the right to vote in the future, and that's what really concerns me," State Senator-Elect Kelda Roys (D-Madison), a surrogate for the Biden campaign, said. “We have to take drastic action to enhance voting rights and make sure that everyone has the right to have their vote counted.”

Tuesday morning the president himself tweeted about the electoral process in Wisconsin. Trump claimed someone has to be “indefinitely confined” to vote absentee, which is not true. The numbers he reported in his tweet were also erroneous. Nearly 215,000 ballots were returned from indefinitely confined voters during the November 3rd election according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which was up from some 70,000 in a lower turnout election last year.

At the start of the recount in Dane County, the Trump campaign sought to have ballots from indefinitely confined voters, along with in-person absentee ballots thrown out—requests which were denied by the Board of Canvassers and will likely be challenged in court.

“Throughout this process, we have been interested in transparency and discovering what happened during this election, Wisconsin counsel for the Trump campaign, Jim Troupis, said in a statement. “We continue to work through the recount procedures set in state statute, and we will continue to work through issues and objections that arise in Dane and Milwaukee counties as the recount continues.”

The recount will continue Wednesday in Madison, but a Thanksgiving day break is expected before the process resumes on Friday.