MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) – Joe Biden has officially accepted the Democratic nomination for the presidency and the 2020 Democratic National Convention is now in the history books.  Steven Olikara, CEO and founder of the Millennial Action Project, discussed some of the hits and misses of the DNC.

Olikara reflected on Biden’s speech and the DNC’s theme, “Uniting America”.

“…He started off his speech talking about how he will fight for Americans who do not vote for him as strongly as he fights for people who did vote for him.  And that is so important in this highly divided moment. We are so polarized and we’ve entered into this area of transpartisan warfare. And I think for our country, to not only address the crisis, but to transcend the cynicism we have right now; we need leaders who are able to transcend partisan politics.”

He felt DNC may have missed an opportunity by not featuring Wisconsin more heavily, even in the virtual format.

“I think the big miss was for Wisconsinites who were so excited to host a convention […] was seeing the convention originate from Los Angeles, then move over to Delaware and I think that was tough to see. I think a bigger focus on the Midwest would have been important.”

Ahead to the 2020 Republican National Convention, Olikara spoke to the possible challenges the GOP faces by using the virtual format.

“I think we all know that President Trump is much more comfortable and is energized by a live audience. So how does he do when there isn’t a large audience in front of him? And it is more about his ability to deliver a message directly to the camera.”

The 2020 Republican National Convention will be held August 24-27.​