MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) - A new poll from Marquette Law School shows 86 percent of Wisconsinites believe it was the right choice to close schools and most businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The poll surveyed 813 registered Wisconsin voters last week, and 98 percent of them said they are following news about coronavirus somewhat or very closely.

Charles Franklin, the poll’s director, said that number represents a huge increase from just three weeks ago, just before the National Basketball Association suspended its season.

“Those numbers were below 50 percent nationally in early to mid-March,” Franklin said. “Now they’ve mushroomed to being nearly universal.”

Seventy-six percent of respondents said they approve of Governor Evers’s response to health and financial crises. This figure includes 63 percent approval among Republicans.

“Here in the state, where the governor took fairly eraly and fairly strong action, the public has come along really strong, only 10 percent saying it’s an overreaction,” Franklin said.

Opinions on President Trump’s response were more partisan. This poll found 51 percent of Wisconsinites approve of the administration’s handling of the pandemic, but most Democrats disapproved.

With other major summer events worldwide canceled, the Democratic National Convention is still planned for mid-July in Milwaukee. But almost two-thirds of respondents say the DNC should not be an in-person event.

In the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Marquette Law poll now shows a big lead for Joe Biden, consolidating support from other candidates to lead Sen. Bernie Sanders by nearly 30 points.

The poll found Wisconsin voters mostly split on whether Tuesday’s elections should be postponed due to concerns about spreading the coronavirus. Fifty-one percent said it should be delayed, while 44 percent said it should not.

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