MILWAUKEE — Protesters at a Business and Finance Committee meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee were escorted out by UWM Police.

UW-Milwaukee said during a Business and Finance Committee meeting with the Universities of Wisconsin Board of Regents at the UWM Student Union, a handful of protesters “interrupted” the meeting and were exhibiting “disruptive behavior.”

The school said both the Dean of Students Office and Student Union staff asked the protesters to not interrupt the meeting, but said protesters ignored that request.

Protesters were continuing their call for the school to cut ties with Israel. 

“To ensure everyone’s safety, and to allow the Regents to continue the business at hand, UWM Police escorted the disruptive individuals from the room,” Angelica Duria, UW-Milwaukee’s director of strategic communications, said.

“UWM respects and supports people’s right to free speech and to engage in peaceful demonstrations. However, attendees were made aware that disruptions risked violating state law and could result in arrests,” Duria continued.

Duria confirmed that UWM Police arrested and cited seven people for disorderly conduct. Non-students who participated were banned from the UWM Student Union for the rest of June 2024. UWM Popular University for Palestine Coalition said some of those who were detained were students who were pro-Palestinian protesters. 


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