GREEN BAY, Wis. — Tens of thousands of Green Bay Packers fans flock to Lambeau Field during home games.

But when they arrive, it can be tough to find parking nearby.

 While Sunday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings was disappointing, some area churches are answering people’s parking lot prayers.

What You Need To Know

  • Pilgrim Lutheran Church use Packers game day parking lot revenue for church missions and ministries

  • The $20 suggested donation also helps support Pilgrim Luthern Church's school expansion

  • Pilgrim Lutheran Church is about five blocks from Lambeau Field

Pilgrim Lutheran Church is a short walk from Lambeau Field, which makes its parking lot a hot commodity. Pastor Michael Hanson said on game days, his parking lot pulls double duty.

“Being able to park the many people who come to church here, as well as using a parking lot as an opportunity to raise money for various ministries and missions by selling Packers parking since we’re only about five blocks away from the stadium,” Hanson explained.

Pilgrim Lutheran Church’s Vice Chair Jeff Vogt makes sure church members get waived in and everyone else pays a suggested donation of $20 to help support its world missions, from Africa to Lebanon. The money also helps those in need in Wisconsin.

“Multiple ministries with the elderly, hospice care with the blind and for braille,” Vogt said.

Attendance has increased at Pilgrim Lutheran for the past decade. Vogt said game day dollars also help support the church’s expansion projects.

“We’re wanting to grow this school. We want to add another four classrooms in the upcoming future,” Vogt said.

(Spectrum News 1/Rhonda Foxx)

Joe Henkle and his crew tailgated in the church’s parking lot on Sunday. He said frying up burgers at other lots would have cost double, so his donation is a bargain.

“I can’t beat that. $20 is the best I’ve seen in the area,” Henkle said.

Sunday was Henkle’s first time parking at the church. He said he’ll likely park there again knowing his dollars will help others.

“Everything goes in someone’s pocket. This donation is gonna do a good thing. I’m happy,” Henkle said.

Hanson said when others learn how the church uses their dollars, they want to pay more.

“Oftentimes people will find out that we’re supporting ministries through what we’re doing and actually give a bigger gift. So by not charging, sometimes it actually works out even better,” Hanson said.

Hanson said all NFL fans are welcome inside Pilgrim Lutheran Church and its parking lot when the Packers take on the Los Angeles Rams at home on Sunday, Nov. 5.