MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Bucks are only a few days away from their eagerly anticipated season opener at Fiserv Forum. 

Nearby businesses owners, such as Andrew Fish at State Street Pizza Pub, have been looking forward to a busy season now that the Bucks are back in action. 

What You Need To Know

  • State Street Pizza Pub is ordering more beer and food before the Bucks season opener 

  • Owner Andrew Fish is expecting a large turnout before games

  • He said it's important to support nearby businesses 

“Making sure I have enough food to last,” said Fish. “Double ordering stuff. I’ve got twice as much beer as I normally would during the summer downstairs, put two bartenders on.” 

With big acts like the circus and Dave Chappelle, who recently performed next door, he’s been able to get a feel for how the NBA season will go. 

“When Fiserv has the big events going on, it’s a huge draw for us,” said Fish. “Last week we had the circus and had ten 6-year-olds come in here for a birthday party. It was crazy.” 

While Fish said the boom in business is great, he’s happy to have new faces from other cities in for a slice of pizza and beer. 

“My biggest goal is to make them feel at home and feel happy,” said Fish. “Not pressured or anything like that. It’s interesting seeing the different attitudes. When they come into this bar, I’ll have Bucks people sitting here, Bulls people sitting here. They’re all getting along. That’s the vibe I want to get.” 

Same goes for Turning Tables Tavern inside of Turner Hall. Executive Director Emilio De Torre said he notices more people will stop in during a game day, whether it be for the Bucks or the nationally ranked Marquette Golden Eagles.

“When basketball season opens, there’s more folks here,” said De Torre. “Turning Tables Tavern add additional staff. They make sure that their menu is able to turn out the food for the need.” 

Both encourage those who attend a game or show to stop by a local business before or after and even stay for a game. 

Fish said by doing so, you won’t only support the business and workers, but the community. That sense of togetherness was one of the big goals when the Deer District was initially designed.