GREEN BAY, Wis. — Dani Maus is set to perform at a number of events in downtown Green Bay this summer.

What You Need To Know

  • Dozens of free events are set for Green Bay’s downtown districts this summer

  • New events include ArtFest Green Bay and the Levitt AMP Green Bay Music Series

  • Organizers are making an effort to make sure all communities are involved in events

It includes a gig at the Saturday’s Farmers Market.

“I have about seven to eight gigs a month in the summertime. I have so much fun doing it,” she said. “I feel very fortunate to get the opportunities to do these types of things.”

(Spectrum News 1/Nathan Phelps)

The Saturday’s Farmers Market is one of two farmers markets several Green Bay organizations are promoting, among a slate events this spring and summer aimed at bringing people to the city’s central business districts.

Maus said she’s excited to be part of an event that showcases the city she grew up and lives in.

“I think this brings the whole community together: the music, the events, the parks,” she said. “Downtown has been ramping up quite a bit. I don’t live too far away from here and I love seeing the changes — the positive changes in the community.”

Maus is not only a performer, she’s also a fan.

“That’s my favorite part: Coming down to see other musicians just rock it on the stage," she said. “It’s so much fun just to see the light in their eyes and what they can do and the ways they influence me.”

Brian Johnson, of On Broadway, Inc., said the slate of events brings hundreds of thousands of people to the Broadway District each year.

(Spectrum News 1/Nathan Phelps)

“When you calculate the economic impact, that’s almost a $15 million impact that has on the small businesses in our district, the vendors that participate in our events,” he said. “The folks that travel in from out of town, maybe they book a hotel, they’re fueling up with gas, they’re buying groceries.”

Johnson said an effort is being made to ensure the entire community is included.

“That’s why we did the Levitt AMP Music Series and it’s a why this summer for the first time at Fire Over the Fox we are going to have a Latino stage that is going to be exclusively Latin music,” he said. “It’s to really help work with some of the members of our community who might not always feel like there are things for them to do here.”

The downtown event and festival schedule includes dozens of free events ranging from community staples such as “Fridays On The Fox” and a mural and busker festival. There are also new new events such as “ArtFest Green Bay” and the “Levitt AMP Green Bay Music Series.”

A visitor’s guide that includes event dates and locations can be found, here