WISCONSIN — Students, staff and community members will gather at Beloit College's Eaton Chapel on Wednesday as the school introduces Eric Boynton as Beloit's president-elect.

"Beloit is just a special magical place, and the learning opportunities we provide for students is truly world class," said Boynton, who's served as a dean and provost for Beloit College for the past four years. "I wanted to take Beloit into the next chapter... and I'm so excited to lead Beloit into that future."

Boynton is set to move into the role on July 1 following the retirement of current president Scott Bierman. Boynton said the future success of Beloit College is somewhat intertwined with the success of the Beloit community itself.

"It's truly critical, especially coming after these COVID years," Boynton said. "There's a way in which Beloit College and the City of Beloit worked together to find their health and their strength in collaboration and connection, and we're building out something called Impact Beloit which will expand the connections we have with the community and build out partnerships with the community to allow our students to have a rich experience in town and extend our educational mission here, but also to engage with our partners in the city and find reciprocal relationships between the two."

Wednesday's event will take place at 12:30 p.m. and will be streamed online.

Watch the full interview above.