MILWAUKEE — A new ice cream shop is open in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, but this shop is for dogs only.

Salty Paws offers lactose-free goat’s milk ice cream in nine different flavors for dogs.

Linda Smith wanted a career change after working for the past decade as a software analyst. She got the idea of opening Salty Paws after she took her own dog to a location out of state.

(Spectrum News 1/Alyson Bruner)

“I have a dog named Coconut. She’s a 2-year-old French bulldog and I love to take her everywhere where I can,” Smith said. “So, when we discovered Salty Paws in Pittsburgh, it looked like a fun interactive place to hang out in. She just had the time of her life.”

“My friends encouraged me, my boyfriend encouraged me, and I was actually looking for something in the dog community,” said Smith. 

(Spectrum News 1/Alyson Bruner)

Pet parent Mike Sorenson was excited when he heard that there was a dog-friendly ice cream shop coming to the Historic Third Ward neighborhood.

“It puts another business in the Third Ward to help the community fill out,” Sorenson said. “It is a great welcoming place to bring your dogs in, your kids. It is a great place.”

Sorenson’s dog Zadie can’t get enough of the ice cream and sweet treats.

“Anything peanut butter, anything bacon she absolutely loves,” Sorenson said. 

(Spectrum News 1/Alyson Bruner)

Salty Paws is located at 121 N Jefferson St. in Milwaukee. The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Salty Paws also serves bakery items for dogs, as well as dog toys. For more information, click here.