MILWAUKEE — While many have the holidays off, first responders still have a job to do.

Crews at Milwaukee Fire Station 30 said you could feel the Christmas spirit in the air on Sunday.

Firefighter Dan Strozinsky celebrated Christmas with his wife and kids yesterday before coming in for his shift.

“It would be nice to be home with my kids,” said Strozinsky. “I’ve got little kids. They’re only so little for so long, but that’s the way it goes when you have a profession that you put other’s first.”

While the crew is doing their normal work duties like cleaning, there’s also some holiday cooking going on. Firefighter Avery Kornitz is preparing for their Christmas dinner.

“I like working the holiday,” said Kornitz. “I personally find it fun. Coming into the fire house, it's like your second family. It’s like being with your family for the holidays, just your other family.”

The department has received some holiday treats from the community to show thanks for their service.

“One of things I was told that the crew before would make the cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning,” said Kornitz. “It’s just one of the old school traditions. Besides that it’s just another day around the firehouse. We get everything we need to get done but it’s not as high strung of a day.”

Station 30 responded to a handful of calls, including a fire.

“Fires happen a bit more,” said Kornitz. “People are turning on their heaters for the first time. More people are inside their house they’re not outside.”

While Avery and Dan know it’s a job that has to be done, it’s not as bad working a holiday with co-workers that have turned into family.