WAUKESHA, Wis. — If the hundreds of pages of emails, letters, and cards sent to her are any indication, the judge who presided over the Darrell Brooks Jr. trial has quite the fan club.

What You Need To Know

  • Judge Jennifer Dorow is the judge who presided over the Darrell Brooks trial

  • She received hundreds of emails, letters, cards, and gifts from people, praising her for her patience dealing with Brooks' outbursts

  • Letters and emails came from people as far away as the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada 

Much of the fan mail praises Judge Jennifer Dorow's ability to stay patient during Brooks' nearly month long trial. Brooks is the man convicted of homicide and other charges related to the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy. 

Donald Campbell from Ontario, Canada said he watched the trial because of his "profound sympathy" for Dorow. He said his respect for her "is beyond words.” 

Tom — a man from Cincinnati, Ohio — said in an email, “I have never in my life to-date written a fan letter to anyone, but after watching most of the parade crash trial, I have developed an enormous admiration and respect for you and simply had to tell you."

(Spectrum News 1/Andrew Havranek)

Many letters noted her patience. 

A woman named Beth sent a card and wrote that Dorow’s patience “restored her confidence in the judicial system.”

(Spectrum News 1/Andrew Havranek)

Eric emailed and said, “please send me the name of your emotional ninja master who taught you patience to the level above sainthood! You are awesome!”

Michael from California felt the same way. He emailed and said he wrote to Pope Francis on Dorow’s behalf to see if he will canonize her into sainthood, while she’s alive.

(Spectrum News 1/Andrew Havranek)

Some emails however criticized how Dorow handled the proceedings. 

Peggy from Colorado said Dorow was “completely abusing her seat acting as the judge.” She called what she considered “assisting and helping the defendant with his case" a “miscarriage of justice."

But the letters, emails and cards were overwhelmingly in support of Dorow.

She’s received roses, flowers, edible arrangements and even a gift certificate for a full body massage. 

Monica Paz, the clerk of circuit court in Waukesha County, said the flowers and edible arrangements they got so far were shared with circuit court division offices.

She said last Thursday, she called the two florist shops in Waukesha to decline any orders that are intended for the judge. So far they haven’t received any more flowers. But, if they do, she said they’ll be taken to local nursing homes. 

(Spectrum News 1/Andrew Havranek)

As an elected official, Dorow can’t accept any of those gifts such as the massage or an offer for a deep sea fishing trip from a fan in Florida.

The clerk said anything that is not perishable will be sent back to whoever sent the gifts.