MILWAUKEE— Two new music venues, slated to be built in Milwaukee’s Deer District, are now closer to becoming a reality.

On Monday, concert promoter FPC Live, along with the Milwaukee Bucks, announced a labor agreement has been struck for both construction jobs as well as hospitality and maintenance jobs once the project is complete. 

The construction agreement means the project will be built using 100% union labor. 

During a press conference Monday, Milwaukee Bucks President Peter Feigin expressed excitement about the development of the concert venues as a way of continuing to grow the Deer District. 

“We love this use," said Feigin. "This is to the core and principal of the entertainment district, it is how to evolve, how to create a modern music venue."

While excitement was palpable at Monday’s announcement, not everyone in Milwaukee is happy about the new development. Several smaller concert venues have expressed concerns that the new venues will oversaturate the city’s venue scene, making it harder for them to attract big acts. 

Peter Jest owns Shank Hall on Milwaukee’s East Side. Jest said he worries about the impact having this large venue will have. 

“All the promoters in town do around 130 to 150 shows a year,” said Jest. “They are going to come in and take about 150 shows, so that is about 25 or 50 for all of us. That really is everyone’s profit."

Developers of the Deer District project appear to see things differently. Charlie Goldstone is the president of FPC Live. Monday, Goldstone said the new venue can benefit the city’s entire music scene. 

“We think the rising tide is going to raise all boats that has been our experience in other markets. Investment in venues is critical,” said Goldstone. “Every city in America that is growing is doing it, and Milwaukee should be no different, so these venues are going to elevate the entire music scene and and we feel that is going to benefit all the other music venues in town."

The new concert venues in the Deer District are expected to open up by early 2024.