MILWAUKEE — Halal Restaurant Week kicked off in Milwaukee July 9 and will run until Sunday. 

Organizer Bushra Zaibak said it’s the first time anything like this has come to the area.

“Halal itself in Arabic simply means permissible,” said Zaibak. “Anything in your lifestyle can be Halal. In terms of diet or meat, it simply means that this is permissible within Islam.” 

Zaibak realized there weren’t very many Halal options in Milwaukee, so she wanted to change that. She said this restaurant week is for all people to enjoy, whether you observe a halal diet or not. 

More than 15 restaurants across the city that will serve up Halal friendly options. All participating restaurants will follow certain guidelines when preparing food for the week. 

Aaron Patin is the chef and owner at Iron Grate BBQ in Milwaukee. He said he had no doubts in his mind when asked to take part in Halal Restaurant Week. 

“It’s a great way for two communities that want to break bread and just need that reason or excuse to come together,” said Patin. “This is it.”

He said participating required little change. He said the most important thing is how they handle their meats. 

“It doesn’t require much more than what we are already doing other than an acknowledgment and an effort to adhere to some standards,” he said. 

He said he’s proud to be part of an inclusive initiative and is hoping to help curb many big appetites along the way. 

Some other participating restaurants include Cuppa Tosa, Guissepe’s Pizzeria, Onesto, Safehouse, DanDan, Guadalajara, Sobleman’s MU, Five O’Clock Steakhouse and more.

Check out the Facebook page for more information on dining options and participating restaurants.