MILWAUKEE—  A partnership in the Milwaukee area is making sure people with low-incomes can afford fresh fruit and veggies.

What You Need To Know

  • A new program, Produce to the People, by Outpost and Hunger Task Force offers 50% savings for FoodShare participants

  • Offer applies to fresh fruit and veggies at Outpost's four Milwaukee-area locations

  • So far qualified shoppers have bought more than $20,000 in fresh produce

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative and its long-time community partner, Hunger Task Force, are providing a 50% discount for FoodShare participants. People just have to ask for the discount at checkout and show their Quest card. The offer is good at Outpost's four Milwaukee-area locations.

Since Produce to the People launched in early April, Outpost reports qualified shoppers have bought more than $20,000 in fresh produce. Margaret Mittlestadt, Director of Community Relations, said she expects the program to grow in popularity.

"We've had more than 1,600 customers come through the door asking for the discount, so that's a really, really good sign," said Mittlestadt.

FoodShare has close to 700,000 members across Wisconsin and more than 240,000 participate in Milwaukee County.

Produce to the People, which is funded by a USDA grant, also gives low-income shoppers buying power. That helps take some of the burden off food pantries and other emergency food sources.

"It allows people to go in, shop for the things that they need ... it takes some of the pressure off food pantries that have really had to do the heavy lifting in the last couple of years and certainly right now with higher prices," Mittlestadt added.

Outpost has partnered with the Hunger Task Force since the late 1990's to help end hunger in local communities.