MILWAUKEE — The economic impact of the Republican National Convention would be huge for Milwaukee, if the city ended up hosting the event.

Visit Milwaukee estimated the RNC could bring 45,000 people to Milwaukee, generating roughly $200 million to Southeast Wisconsin.

Kurt Fogle is a co-owner of Dairyland, located in the 3rd Street Market Hall. As a small business owner, the thought of the RNC possibly coming to Milwaukee is huge for his business.

“If it’s the RNC, DNC, if it’s any convention that can showcase the beauty of what we have going on here, I’m all for it,” said Fogle.

Milwaukee businesses saw somewhat of a letdown after a mostly virtual Democratic National Convention in 2020. There is a possibility they’re being set up for disappointment once again, as city leaders laid out a slew of concerns after reviewing the RNC draft contract.

“We already know what it’s like when you get set up for a convention like this and it doesn’t happen,” said Fogle. “We’ve already gone through what happens when we don’t get it. So we want it.”

Omar Shaikh agreed. He’s the co-owner of the 3rd Street Market Hall.

“This is going to bring in a massive influx of people and bring 15,000 cameras to showcase our amazing city,” said Shaikh. “We believe we’re world class. We were able to win the DNC. Now we need to win the RNC.”