Courtesy of ArrowStar Photography

MADISON, Wis. — Dogs like Domino are the reason why ArrowStar Photography owner Shalicia Johnson is bringing awareness to a topic that impacts everybody.

“We are so happy to get her in we want something we can have forever, something we can cherish of her,” said Brooklyn Mashaw, Domino’s dog mom. 

It takes a lot of treats to get Domino, a lovable mix, to do what Johnson wants.

“You are going to be my best friend,” said Johnson as she handed out more turkey treats.

Determined to capture the perfect portrait, Johnson knows that every moment with Domino is precious.

“Domino was diagnosed with lymphoma about a year ago, so she has been doing very well through her chemo treatments,” said Mashaw. 

All the money raised through Johnson’s portraits goes to Czar’s Promise, a Dane County nonprofit that helps fund canine cancer research.

“Knowing that our proceeds are going to help other dogs and research and cancer research for not only dogs but humans as well, we wanted to be part of it,” Mashaw said.

“It’s a way I can give back,” Johnson said.

Now, in its second year, Johnson and her photography coaching community from across the county are competing in a March Madness-style cutest dog portrait competition.

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Courtesy of ArrowStar Photography