MILWAUKEE — Multiple organizations in Milwaukee work to get young people active and focused on wellness during the winter.

A new grant from the Kohl’s Healthy Families program is helping provide more resources. 

The $30,000 grant is a partnership between the American Cancer Society and Kohl’s. It focuses on delivering education linking healthy eating, active living and cancer risks.  

Running Rebels is one organization in Milwaukee that received the grant. Running Rebels works to keep young people off the streets and help them work toward a future of success. With the grant, it has helped provide activities to keep kids moving like dance and ultimate Frisbee classes.

Corey Thomas is an 11th grader in Milwaukee and has been a part of the organization for four years. He said he has been learning the ropes about ultimate Frisbee. He’s learned valuable lessons from the organization, aside from learning a new sport.  

“I don’t always need my phone for things,” said Thomas. “They helped me get out of my comfort zone and talk to people. Running rebels helped me bring the best out of me.” 

Thomas said he’s excited to get active alongside his friends this winter while learning more about ultimate Frisbee straight from the professionals.

Sharon Cross is the development coordinator with Running Rebels. She is also a part of Milwaukee’s women’s ultimate Frisbee league, Milwaukee Medusa. She said their time with these students is about more than just a sport. 

“We found a lot of young people have become stagnant in the winter, especially during COVID,” said Cross. “We’re just trying to get the moving and active and we found it is super beneficial to their mental health.” 

Thomas said he’s considering adding ultimate Frisbee to his list of favorite sports. He hopes he can take part in more activities through out the year as he continues to better himself mentally and physically, one Frisbee toss at a time.