MENASHA, Wis. — When Brooke Chown started at Faith Technologies Incorporated four years ago, she knew little about the electrical field.

But over that time, she’s worked her way up from a manufacturing job to an interim journeyman through one of the company’s apprenticeship programs.

What You Need To Know

  • Faith Technologies Incorporated has about 200 open jobs nationwide — including in Wisconsin
  • Positions range from assemblers and electricians to engineers
  • The business includes three divisions: Faith Technologies, EnTech Solutions and Excellerate​

“It is a very satisfying job. You’re always learning new things,” Chown said. “No day is like the day before. No pipe run is ever going to be the same, no wire run is ever going to be the same. It’s constant learning.”

She’s also seen her work transform from a set of blueprints to working electrical systems.

“I feel like my work does matter. Everybody needs electricity, and that’s never going to go away,” Chown said. “Things are always changing and evolving.”

FTI and its associated companies, Faith Technologies, EnTech Solutions and Excellerate, are seeking about 200 people in Wisconsin and around the country.

Jobs range from electrical journeyman to engineers and assemblers.

Finished work from all three FTI companies can be seen around the community, said Billi Kiester, director of talent acquisition.

“It can be anything from solar panels when you’re driving by to a hospital, knowing that maybe we helped out in the operating room,” she said. “Or, we all use the internet. Those data centers have to be built somewhere, right?”

The companies are also involved in the development and proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations.

“We’re going to have to charge those somewhere, and when we have to charge those, can the grids handle it?” Kiester said. “Having the technology and the professionals behind the scenes to help figure out how that’s all going to work, that’s part of what we do.”

Like Chown, Brady Sturm started as a helper. Over the past 24 years, he has worked his way through the company. He now helps further train the workforce, many of whom have gone through the company’s apprenticeship program. It’s training known as the ICIAN program. 

“They get trained up on connected building and connected products that we have at client sites or that we’re looking to place within client sites,” Sturm said. “By training them on this,  they’re able to provide some data and analytics for the client to help them make better business decisions.”

Chown recently started a transition into an office job, a move she’s excited about. She still smiles when asked about working 60 feet above the production of floor of one of the clients she worked with.

“Just being up there, looking down and seeing the people below you, it’ just really cool to run pipe in the ceiling,” she said.

More information about careers at FTI can be found here.