MILWAUKEE— The COVID-19 pandemic has caused no shortage of issues over the past couple of years, and the Better Business Bureau says a spike in online shopping scams has been one of them.

"Prior to COVID, about 29% of consumers shopped online," Tiffany Schultz, the southwest Wisconsin regional director for the Better Business Bureau, said. "After COVID, or I should say during COVID, that number has jumped to 37% of consumers who are shopping online, so scammers take advantage of the news— they know what consumers are doing and they know that they're doing their shopping online."

For those who worry they may have become a victim of an online shopping scam or a fake website, especially ahead of the busier holiday shopping season, Schultz said they have options.

"Hopefully you've paid for the item with a credit card, not a debit card— a credit card is going to give you additional protections," Schultz said. "We'd also like you to report that to us at"

You can watch the entire interview with Schultz above.