BARABOO, Wis.––Every week at Beyond Blessed pantry in Baraboo, 30-thousand pounds of food go in and out; the need for help is growing.

What You Need To Know

  • Beyond Blessed Pantry is a no-judgment zone

  • Hunger is a growing problem here in Wisconsin 

  • Drive-thru open Wednesday 4 to 6 p.m.

  • Beyond Blessed Pantry used to serve 300 families throughout the month, now it's closer to 300 a week

As soon as four o'clock rolls around Shannon Howly and her crew at Beyond Blessed Pantry are busy. 

Every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. Beyond Blessed serves food through its drive-thru pick-up service.

One after the other, cars are coming in faster than volunteers can get the food out. 

"We used to serve 300 families throughout the month. Now we are serving about 300 families a week," Howley said. 

"The pantry is helpful. I don't have enough money to you know go buy food that I need and I just think it's very helpful towards everyone," said Brooke Hogle, a young mother of two. 

Inside-crews distribute and cart up food for the families while outside-crews distribute it.

"We just keep moving on until everybody is served. We're here to serve not judge and we treat everybody the same," said Howley. 

Although they only hand out food once a week, they are busy throughout the week doing the work behind the scenes. 

"Money is always needed and volunteers are always needed. We have multiple things that go on behind the scenes," said. Howley.

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