MILWAUKEE— It is something no parent ever wants to experience, the loss of a baby.

Emily Landers, a Wisconsin mom, knows first hand what that is like and now she’s using her story to help make a difference in the lives of other moms experiencing the pain of pregnancy and infant loss.

“I checked into the hospital, I was in labor, had the baby, had the greatest care ever from the nurses and then went home the next day. The sad thing about miscarriage is you don’t leave with a baby, you leave the hospital and often times there is never anything to show with that,” said Landers.

Days after her miscarriage she felt a calling to help out other moms who would experience a loss.

“I realized that from that loss the true meaning of their life was to bring joy to others,” said Landers. 

Emily launched her own organization, and started creating and donating ‘'Joy Bomb'’ care packages. The Joy Bombs are filled with local items as well as handcrafted items and a hand written note from Emily.

Emily then delivers the Joy Bombs to hospitals around the Milwaukee area, including Aurora Medical Center – Grafton. Nurses then have access to these care packages and can donate them to mothers who experience a loss. To date, Emily has donated nearly 180 care packages. 

Local businesses are now helping out her cause and even other moms who have had a loss.

“We’ve had other women who have gone through a loss help make the bracelets,” said Landers.

If you are interested in purchasing a Joy Bomb or learning more about her organization visit their site or Instagram.