MILWAUKEE— The Violence Free Zone program is run by two Milwaukee organizations, Running Rebels and Milwaukee Christian Center.

VFZ helps mentor youth at a dozen Milwaukee Public Schools. 

VFZ advisors work with middle and high school students to provide additional school support, accomplish goals, strengthen preparedness for learning and develop strategies to reduce and resolve conflicts responsibly. The goal of the two organizations involved with this program is to set students up for success and reduce youth violence. 

“I can’t assist that young person to improve his attendance, to reduce his violence, or improve grade point average. I must have a relationship with his parents, his social workers, and even law enforcement who may deal with this young person, “ said Andre Robinson, director of Violence Free Zone for Milwaukee Christian Center.

VFZ works with the following Milwaukee Public Schools:

  • Alexander Hamilton High School

  • Lincoln Center of the Arts

  • North Division High School

  • Barack Obama School for Career and Technical Education

  • Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts

  • Vincent High School of Agricultural Sciences

  • Washington High School of Information Technology

  • Bay View

  • Bradley Tech High School

  • Casimir Pulaski High School

  • James Madison Academic Campus

  • South Division High School

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