MILWAUKEE — It doesn’t matter if you were around for the first Milwaukee Bucks Championship in 1971 or not, for many fans, the last few seconds of Game Six for this generation’s big win were worth it. 

“I’ve waited my whole life for this moment,” said Jay Pzewski of Stevens Point. "it’s been 47 years and finally it happened, I’m so excited for this. 

“I’ve watched it grow for years, and to be here to witness this with all these thousands of fans for miles, I couldn’t ask for a better experience, a better playoff experience in general,” added Samy Kandil. 

Kandil lives in North Carolina. He made his way to the Deer District to watch several games during the Bucks’ playoff run, including Game Three during the series against the Brooklyn Nets. 

The crowd was much bigger this time around. 

“I knew, coming here, if that was crazy, that Game 3 win, I mean, it’s the Finals!” Kandil said. "I already expected all of this and it exceeds my expectations 100%."

Kandil and 65,000 of his closest friends all wanted the same thing to come true, and it did. 

“Bucks in Six!"

The celebration called for fireworks, this time from the roof of Fiserv Forum. Many fans were seen climbing light poles in the Deer District to get a higher vantage point, even though it wasn’t the safest decision.

The atmosphere inside Fiserv Forum was wild as well. 

“It was insane, it was amazing! The atmosphere was crazy in there," said Daniel Brennecke of Oconomowoc. 

He and his friends came out of the arena with NBA Champions gear. 

“I got shirts for all of my family, I’ve got Bucks hats, these are going to be worth some money in the future," he said. "This is crazy!”

His friend, Jacob Spear, said this win was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

While the celebration of the big win is still young, what about next year? 

“Hopefully twice! Next year! We’re going back-to-back!” Spear predicted. 

For now, this is a win Milwaukee has waited for for 50 years, and the celebration is just getting started.